BruteProtect is now part of Jetpack!

What our users are saying about BruteProtect

Thanks to @BruteProtect, my sites are safer & I have a brilliant dashboard from which I can keep all my sites updated!

I saw the author of this plugin present at WordCamp Boston a few weeks ago and was very impressed. He explained how this plugin works and why it’s unique in what it does. He knows his stuff and this plugin does what it says and does it well. I’ve already installed it on many of my sites and plan to add it to every site manage. I look forward to seeing how this plugin grows.

I don’t fully understand all the details of securing a site, and it’s great to have a plug-in I trust. It’s impressive to see nearly all support tickets resolved, and I got a response within minutes. I learned about this plugin from one of the authors at a WordCamp, and I appreciate his willingness to travel and contribute to the WordPress community.

Since installing BruteProtect, the attacks have stopped, and the CPU is down from 80% average load to around 3% average Can I just point that out again. My CPU was under an average 80% load when using another security plugin, and it is now down to about 3%. That is incredible!

BruteProtect is now part of Jetpack!

Boost traffic, enhance security, and improve performance, for free!

BruteProtect has come a long way in a short time

  • August, 2014

    BruteProtect is acquired by Automattic.
  • July, 2014

    BruteProtect surpasses 100,000,000+ blocked attacks on 100,000+ websites!
  • June, 2014

    BruteProtect successfully thwarts a network wide attack of more than 2,000,000 attacks in less than 48 hours
  • April, 2014

    Less than a year after launch, we had blocked 50,000,000 attacks
  • February, 2014

    Jeff Golenski joins the BruteProtect team
  • February, 2014

    50,000 websites are now protected by BruteProtect
  • January, 2014

    Derek Smart and Jesse Friedman Join BruteProtect
  • October, 2013

    Within 6 months we had already blocked 10,000,000 attacks
  • September, 2013

    A proud moment when we surpassed 10,000 websites using BruteProtect
  • May, 2013

    Rocco Tripaldi and Stephen Quirk join BruteProtect

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